About us (EN)


Located in the Brussels offices of Reporters Press Agency, with whom they’ve collaborated closely over the last 10 years, freelance photographers Olivia Droeshaut and Yves Dethier created DYOD to personify the photographic work they produce together.

A series of portraits of the Belgian delegation to the 2004 Olympic Games launched their partnership and won them a Belgian Fuji Award and an exhibition at Flagey. The resulting high-profile publicity brought in many consecutive orders.

Specialized in portrait and fashion photography, they have produced series for many Belgian magazines such as, Ciné Télé Revue, la Libre-Match, le Trends, Le Vif Weekend, as well as a variety of international reviews including Gentleman Italia, Edelweiss and People Magazine.  Justine Henin, Benoit Poelvoorde, David Coulthard, Pascal Obispo, Charles Aznavour, Jan Fabre, Adamo and Luc Tuymans are just a few of those who have found themelves in front of their cameras.

In 2006, DYOD created “La Wallonie: plus de talent au Km2” which earned them 3rd place in the PAMPA competition (organized by the Belgian Federation of Magazines and the Magazine Publishers Union) that rewards outstanding institutional campaigns.  The photos were featured in a traveling exhibition following the opening in Paris during the month of photography at Beaubourg.

Armed with experience, they expanded into advertising offering their talent and know-how to a variety of brands and services including Wrangler, Infrabel, OGM and eBay as well as individual designers, always keen on establishing new relationships and developing their creativity.

In 2010, their efforts were rewarded by the Hasselblad Masters, an international competition placing DYOD in the top 40 fashion photographers worldwide.

Exhibitions and Awards